15 May 2012

General roundup

We are back from nearly two weeks down south. A wonderful opportunity for the Grands to see E. And how much he has changed since they last saw him - as a newborn - last October!

He is now, at nine months - going on five (years) - a delightfully feisty little boy. With the emphasis on boy. Shouting, banging, giggling, babbling, pinching, kicking, splashing, sitting, eating. And wanting to do so much more.

Despite our anxiety, he travelled like a champ.*  Though came home with his first cold. His bewilderment is etched into me :(
It was lovely to see lots of family, a few friends, and for E to meet his small second cousins. (Though I notice in this shot he appears much bigger than them!) Unfortunately my photos are in disarray - so many moments not captured :/ - and apologies for the filmreel effect.



But it is also so good to be home. The days have been sunny and warm, gentle breezes, cool mornings and evenings. Perfect. E and I spend chunks of days rug-sitting under pandanus and banksia in the yard.

And finally, FINALLY (giving myself permission to shout it), it seems the boy's reflux has all but gone. Hip. Hip. Hooray!! And. He is (usually sometimes) able to happily occupy himself with a wooden spoon while I do the dishes/make lunch etc.

I cannot begin to describe the massive improvement these things have made to our days.

I have also begun the process of applying to return to work part-time via a telecommute arrangement.

We are recruiting for, and seem to have found ourselves, an au pair.

I've been invited to do a guest post here.

I finished making a beanie and a tag monster for the boy.

I've been Instragramming. Like an ad-dict!

I have lists of things to do. On black boards, in various notebooks, and flying about in my head.

Plant the winter vegies.
Baby proof.
Print photos. Get some sort of handle on the madly spawning photos.
Throw my arms up at computer woes and defer to he who can wield its unwieldiness. 
Knit a blanket. Another beanie for the boy and one for the man. Armies for me.
Try to get a catnapping baby to sleep in a cot.
Try some more.
And try again.
Make bread.
Clean the house. Sort out my filing mess. Put away the too-small baby clothes.
Buy more boy-sized winter clothes.
Get back to yoga.
Get out of my cooking rut.
And write. Remember I have another blog.
Investigate playgroups or other opportunities for E to meet other little people.
Prepare a business case for me to telecommute.
And while we're talking about dealing with heaving bureacracies, sort out a pesky tax thing.
Finish putting together a touchy-feely box for the boy.
And email a general invite to congregate for the boy's *gasp* birthday!

And, as our colds resurface, we have just hit the next wonder week. On the early cusp. Ugh. Read: very little sleep. And that is where I am going now should have been long ago. Zzzzz. 

But not before one last gratuitous shot :)


*And so did we with our super-upgrade to an Audi:)