21 January 2013


Full of cold.
Mad hair, exhausted eyes.
Waterplay in a heatwave.

I am really loving this project. I've even given the blog a bit of a spruce. And perhaps a flourish and a tweak or two to come. I was not crazy about this photo, background clutter and all. But I'm trying to be a bit more 'flow'. About life, generally. And well, the moment sums up our week. We've both been sick (why does that always seem to happen when we travel?), the boy with the worst fever he's ever had in his nearly 18 months. We spend a lot of time at the sink on these long, sweltering days, playing and cooling down. And his hair grows more crazy by the week! My little mad scientist.

16 January 2013


Sand and bark crumbs from a morning in the sandpit.
His cheeky grin as he wanders up to me to get close to the lens!

Despite being a late entrant, and instead of writing a post about how I don't have the time, I'm making the time to link up with the 52 project. I'm doing this because 1) my boy is growing so quickly and 2) it's forcing me to bring my DLSR back from maternity leave (it's about time!) and 3) I miss having a regular creative outlet and 4) I rather like the idea of compiling a series of photos of his second year.

My aim is not to spend too long on the choosing and processing and writing up, though I've already laboured somewhat over a handful of beautiful cheeky grins, and had thoughts about an out-takes reel! I hereby vow to tote my camera along only when it feels good to do so.

I'm not sure yet where I'll make up the missing shot - perhaps from my Instagram feed from that first week?