20 April 2014


Ellery: waiting for the eclipse
Aubrey: he makes sweetest little faces

The eyes edition.

The big boy: Mister Intensity at large. It is increasingly difficult to get a shot of the pant-less wonder, let alone something portrait-worthy. He is telling me here not to take his photo, a regular scenario these days.

The small boy: more alert and engaged, and settling into a predictable routine with his sleep times. A more settled little being than his brother was, dare I blog it. I want to bottle his velvety-skinned lusciousness. And this expression.

13 April 2014


Ellery: still loving on his brother at every opportunity
Aubrey: dimples and cardi

'Mum, what day is it at the top of the lighthouse?'

How very abstract the concept of time must be to a not-quite three year old.

And at not-quite two months: smiles, dimples, kicking and a little voice emerging.

07 April 2014


Ellery: pretend play is high energy
Aubrey: first smiles

The big boy's energy has escalated. He is increasingly loud, clumsy and developmentally freewheeling forward. 

I am discovering, through this book, why the past six months with him have been so challenging. Y'know, aside from the living apart from his Dad and the new brother. My heart sank when I read the words, 'it is not just the terrible twos'. Though this is also somewhat a relief. Here's hoping for some instructive help.

I have no great shots of the small boy smiling. This one is the least blurred of the lot!