30 December 2013


Magic - discovering his first 'big boy' bike beneath the tree

And that's a wrap! 

On (nearly) 52 portraits. Huzzah!

So very thankful to Jodi for hosting this project, and proud of myself to have stuck (mostly) with it. I haven't photographically loved all of the portraits, but am ever so grateful for the memories captured. I love that it's a living record of his year, from baby face to big boy pouts. I have relished the intention of portrait-taking, and the process of choosing single frames from the many shots taken.

It has been my reason to dust off my camera after many months of neglect. Thanks to K for spoiling me with a brand new camera for Christmas (!), I'll be much better equipped to join in next year. I can't wait.

Not sure how my staying power will fare with a new little one around in February, but inspired to give it a go.

26 December 2013


Heatwave and an(other) early fade

It has been so, so hot.

The heat has been wiping us out early.

He fell asleep on the couch in the late afternoon while we were reading a book. And was out for the night.

Joining in with Jodi - one more week to go!

19 December 2013

52 I the ones that got away

And there you have it. A year's worth of out-takes.

Some weeks I've posted photos I haven't really been pleased with. Other weeks I've let some rippers get away, because there were just too many to choose from, or because others seemed more meaningful.

These moments are too beautiful to lose amongst my files.

I've been dreaming of an out-takes post since day one of this series. So glad I finally did it.

Joining in with Jodi for another two weeks. 

16 December 2013


Two and a half versus world

Meet Kid Defiance. 

The worst weekend yet. Why do things seem to escalate when his Daddy is home?

Every little situation is a full-scale drama. He is asserting his will for the sake of opposition, and we are copping the full brunt.

Maybe it is because we are both there.

Even in his happy zone, watering the garden, he looks glum.

I must remind myself that this too, shall pass. Though I must say, it is all making me very anxious about the transitions still to come.

Joining in with Jodi.

08 December 2013


Still an island boy at heart

Stopping to smell the frangipani. 

Before pulling it apart.

At least he cooperated with my request - the first of these portraits I've ever set up.

Joining in with Jodi.

05 December 2013

big day out

His first ride on a steam train.

His current obsession.

The wonder in his face, in every shot, just floors me.

I get a real sense of the small boy mesmerised by the sensory deluge of the city bustle.

A win for the city.

03 December 2013


Wonder and awe

The tantruming has hit an all time low.

We barely made it out the door intact to get to our early Sunday morning appointment with a steam train.

But it was worth every second of unpleasantness for this face.

I am in love with this face.

Joining in with Jodi - for another four weeks!