27 July 2014


Ellery: French toast and home made birthday hat
Aubrey: soon enough he will be begging to sit here

French toast and popcorn and chocolate cake. The people he loves and a couple of neighbours' kids. Heaven to this newly three year old. 

Separate post coming about the birthday boy!

22 July 2014


Ellery: craving friends at his lighthouse outpost
Aubrey: the teething sads

My photography is giving way to a knitting frenzy. 

Between phone and camera, I love how this week's shots have them both with heavy hearts, heads down, and wearing  yellow.

Brothers indeed.

13 July 2014


Ellery: engrossed, and refusing to take off the new art smock, a gift from his cousins
Aubrey: a twinkle in his eye, and out comes his brother's old Sophie

Oh dear. Redeeming myself after falling off the portrait wagon.

Nana came to stay last week. Whatever she did to the big boy, it's working. The tantrums have been quite manageable this week. He is such a beautiful kid when he is not so moody. And so grown up all of a sudden. Two more weeks of two.

The small boy has the teething sads. Bigtime. Poor fellow. So unusual for this happy lad. Just shy of five months. Ever since he was born, I've been daydreaming and wondering, wondering and daydreaming about another baby. It's very unlikely, although he is the kid that could convince me. I am so torn about him being the last.