24 November 2013


Cool pottering indoors play for hot days

I'm loving the black and white.

And we're loving our air con! It's a novelty. I've never had it before. But boy am I glad we have it now. 

Whose idea was it to be 39 and six months pregnant with a busy toddler in the Queensland summer?

Joining in with Jodi.

17 November 2013


'Crunchy toast' - who knew over-toasted sourdough was the key to his breakfast heart?

I am resolved this week to get my camera out more.

And I am tempted to find myself another camera (again. still), after reading this.

I feel like for the first time since we've moved to the city, we're starting to get into a groove. 

The next fortnight is mapped out with the things we're doing.

And we've got a nearly fully furnished house - hurrah!

It will, however, be the longest stretch yet with K away. Nine days. Gulp...

I'm taking his advice and teeing up all the shortcuts I can think of. I have been too exhausted of late not to.

Joining in with Jodi.

10 November 2013

44 + 45/52

Growth spurts // exhaustion

He has grown more in the past couple of weeks since our move to the city than possibly ever in his two (point two five) years.

Taller, more boyish and sprouting grown-up sentences by the minute.

Our shy boy wants to play with the kids in the street, and is approaching the neighbours with happy hellos.

As difficult as this time has been (part-time solo parenting through a forced but thankfully temporary separation), my heart is exploding with love for him.

Could be those baby hormones, too.

Joining in with Jodi.

08 November 2013

24 weeks

Thanks to Mum for pleading for bump shots, and the biggest thanks to K for taking them.

I had a holy crap moment this morning upon realising that this baby could be here in a month. If it stays inside another two months, he or she will have lasted longer than E did.

And. Oh. My. God. We don't even have a couch! Thankfully, we're just waiting on its delivery.

But our city car? The one we have to shoehorn ourselves into?

We are making steady but slow progress in the setting-up-a-second-house department. And the replacing-the-tiny-car department.

But the idea of four weeks - or even eight weeks - has kind of winded me.

Not that I've dismissed full-term aspirations. But I just want, for one of our babies, to be prepared.

I'm about to go and make a list to rule all the lists.

02 November 2013


A boy in his room

A very difficult week. 

Our second week in the new house, and our first living apart from K, who had to return to the Island for work.

This boy has taken it hard, very hard. Despite our efforts to prepare him.

And it is heartbreaking.

We have both been full of cold, too. Must be those city germs.

One upside to the week has been his room. He gets his own room in the new house!

And boy is he proud.

Nevermind that it's barely furnished. It's a space to call his own. 

And we are slowly unpacking and putting together our little nest.

But the best upside to the week was seeing him reunite with his 'Daddy-addy'.

Happiest kid in town.

Joining in with Jodi.