29 September 2013


Sitting side saddle on his 'horse', a large driftwood log at the side of our house.

The week he should have been born, two years ago.

Almost slipped by without me noticing.

The poor little guy is cutting his last molars. If they're anything like his other teeth, they'll take their sweet time. Hurrah for when that's all done.

Cute thing of the week: pretending to be a cat.

Two-year-old thing of the week: squealing when I try to talk to anyone.

Please ignore the funny things Blogger is doing with the colour balance in my photos.

Joining in with Jodi.

23 September 2013


The first time I have had to sit down at night, before I am completely zonked, to write a little update.

Let's get straight to our news. Consider this instalment one...

We bought a house! 

That's it up there! Not the most flattering photo, but you get the drift.

After months and months of getting disheartened, thinking we would never find or be able to afford something that was even remotely 'us', we have signed a contract on a cute little Queenslander in a beautiful neighbourhood by the sea.

Think high ceilings, VJs, breezeway thingies over the doors, floorboards (to be discovered). Think unrenovated, 80-year-old, fixer-uperer that is very liveable now. With plenty of storage space. At the end of a cul-de-sac, a walk to the train (for city commutes - hello mortgage), shops, parks and the beach.

We managed to find ourselves in a very salubrious neighbourhood thanks to our capacity for putting up with (for some of us it will be less of a trial) trains. Yes, we are right next to the train line, but it's a small concession for what we are gaining.

After two-plus years of transporting our travelling circus to (and imposing on the unswerving hospitality of) Keiran's mum's place every fortnight, we now have a place of our own for our city visits! And it's still close enough for Nana to swing by - to visit us!

We are absolutely thrilled. Although it means inhabiting two houses, and all the costs that go along with that luxury, it will give us a home for our frequent city visits. And more flexibility to do stuff in the city.

And somewhere to park the bus! And fix up the bus! And dust off our dreams of one day doing some slow road tripping in the bus!

Ye grand plans are coming together.

All things going swimmingly, we pick up the keys in four weeks!


All beached out

This is the only way a portrait was going to be posted this (last!) week.

A grainy, stolen photograph from when his head first hit the pillow tonight.

Windswept, rosy-cheeked and still clothed from a trip to the beach with his Dad.

And sleeping, finally sleeping after a travel-to-the-city induced spell of being awake til crazy hours.

I know I keep saying it, but life has just been hectic. 

Joining in with Jodi.

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15 September 2013


Little boy looking out to sea // enchanted by a driftwood stick

Breaking the rules again.

I am indecisive, wavering at the edge of my exhaustion.

I love the sense of 'boy in the wild' in the first shot. The setting sun on his face as he tramps amongst the dune grass.

And a small boy playing with a big stick? The beauty of free-range, natural play. He's showing us his muscles!

I have much more to post about. Big, good stuff.

But now, a roast chicken and leek risotto awaits. Followed closely by bed!

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.

08 September 2013


Weekend giggles under the sheoaks.

It has been a week of stupendously good news.

Busy, too, as usual.

After an overnight trip to the mainland, we stole a weekend to ourselves at home. I should not quibble that it happens only once a month.

I should instead relish the time we do get to spend here.

Laughing under sheoaks on this incredibly gorgeous island we get to call home.

Lunching by a tidal lagoon in the springtime sun.

Flying kites and digging in the sand.

Yes, please.

Joining in with Jodi.

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01 September 2013


Busy little sweep.

Thanks to Jodi for inspiration to shoot in black and white this week.

I rarely ever do. I'm glad I did.

I have held back from posting any bare bum shots. But this is the week. 

It's part of who he is right now. He would go pants-free anywhere, anytime. He's learning to transition from nappies too. And it's warm.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.