30 August 2015


Ellery: homemade mango ice cream on the step
Aubrey: prefers dandelions

Simple homespun delights this week. Thanks be to the freezer gods and our summer laden mango tree. And dandelions, everywhere.

29 August 2015

18 months

One and a half ... you are the sunshine in our lives. From the way you say hello to ants and willy wagtails, the way you pucker your lips for kisses. You love music and dancing and being outdoors, but the quickest way to your heart is a game of peekaboo. Or a plate of olives. Or a ride in Daddy's work car. You adore your big brother (even if he can be a bit intense for your liking sometimes) and love to copy whatever he does. You're a bit of a funny guy, with a talent for blowing raspberries and walking backwards. From your doe eyes to your dimples, to your brachiosaurus roar, we are so very grateful you chose us.

23 August 2015


Ellery: cinders and ashes
Aubrey: mini-me

'Cinders and ashes!', his new childish expletive (but from where?). Eyes asparkle, cheek coal dusted from some real firefighting, in Daddy's helmet and goggles.

And speaking of goggles, I give you mini-me.

09 August 2015


Ellery: airborne and wild
Aubrey: lapping up the winter sun

We had the most magnificent weekend on the island. An unusual treat to be there for days off, and the weather was divine. We did lots of morning beaching. Grandma and Pop even saw the much mythologised jabiru! A note to my future self: holiday at home in winter!

02 August 2015


Ellery: They're singing for ME! But it's too loud!
Aubrey: simple pleasures

The week of four. The week of eighty! And forty one!

A small birthday gathering for Ellery, his Pop (bestowing on us our first visit in a whole year, on his very significant milestone birthday!), and his Dad (the week after) ... my three Leos.

His cake, chocolate spelt, smothered in strawberries. Four-year-old delight.

And that face! Eye popping excitement for cake and the spotlight!