23 June 2013


My boy, becoming quite the confident adventurer.

His confidence is growing and he's often happiest bustling off in front, wherever the whim takes him. And clearly he's happy about this. I think we've finally shaken the worst of the wobbly days of me-do-it frustrations.

I'm grateful for his curiosity about the natural world. And it's been lovely to watch him adventure with my Mum, the self-taught naturalist. Both of them with their noses in a shell, inspecting an insect, or just wandering. It's for these moments I'm most grateful.

I hope he gets to spend many more days with her like this.

Joining in with Jodi.

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16 June 2013


Bubble delight with Grandma!

It's not often we get visits from his interstate Grands.

So this early morning bubble play with Grandma in the front yard is extra special.

Especially when Grandma teaches you how to blow your first bubble!

Thanks Grandma and Pop for making the very long road trip to see us - we love having you here!


Oh and may I count the ways in which we love winter? One, for the chance to wear woollens and retro Hawaiian shirts (which makes it our most fabulous weather in my books). Two, for the quiet chilly beaches, and winter beaches always remind me of this amazing roadtrip. And three, for the respite from our very long, dastardly summer.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.

11 June 2013


My little companion.

I often wonder what it must be like to have a little girl.

This one, he is all boy.

Or should that be *BOY!*

He smells of Vegemite and sweat.

His engine runs hot. And he is always running, running, running.

Or climbing, digging, sifting, splashing... or down on his belly inspecting ants soldiering through forests of grass.

He is determined and vocal, but the shyest kid there ever was (other than me!).

Always carrying things, here, there... and daily rearranging our house in the process. 

He has a large obsession with lids and buttons, locks and levers. And water. And things that go - the more flashing lights, the better. And smelling e-very-thing.

His first tiny dreadlocks have appeared... and the problem of his fringe (won't have it cut). What to do? For now we're taking the path of least resistance and hoping it grows quickly and out of his eyes. And sticking a clip in it sometimes :-0 

And besides, a boy living at a lighthouse needs a shaggy do.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.

04 June 2013

onwards // upwards

Twenty two, the week there will be no portrait.

It was too emotionally draining, too busy, too sleepless. 

And I am too exhausted, too close to the end of my rope.

Actually I think I unravelled and slipped right off the end for a few blips...

This week I became the mother and partner I never want to see myself be again.

And yet, early into week twenty three, I was hopeful. I loaded a fresh battery and switched on my camera.

Alas, I didn't take one shot last week. Which is kinda sad.

But I'm so glad to be moving through a new week, even though today began at 4am and yesterday is a blur.

Shots are from a few weeks back of the gorgeous one testing out his climbing. The concentration! The looking like a baby and a little old man all at once! 


Love him.