23 June 2013


My boy, becoming quite the confident adventurer.

His confidence is growing and he's often happiest bustling off in front, wherever the whim takes him. And clearly he's happy about this. I think we've finally shaken the worst of the wobbly days of me-do-it frustrations.

I'm grateful for his curiosity about the natural world. And it's been lovely to watch him adventure with my Mum, the self-taught naturalist. Both of them with their noses in a shell, inspecting an insect, or just wandering. It's for these moments I'm most grateful.

I hope he gets to spend many more days with her like this.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.


Rebecca Alexis said...

absolutely beautiful. nature and naturally inspired. so fabulous. xo

little wild moose said...

Watching children enjoy nature is wonderful. I love Ellery's smile in the second photo!

Mietta said...

What gorgeous photos! Your Mum looks fabulous - I hope to be just like that as a Grandmother : ) Your boy is all kinds of handsome, those eyes! He looks suddenly a lot older in this photo... and very very happy : ) xx

little earth stories said...

Thanks lovelies for your beautiful comments. Always read and appreciated however lax I have been at responding! xx