26 July 2015


Ellery: digger obsessed
Aubrey: next steps, hills

Last portrait as a three-year-old. So naturally, there are two. In the thick of three, it has been difficult at times to see the good, but there is so much good in him.

Aubrey, mastering tricky terrain (and delighting in peeing everywhere).

12 July 2015


Ellery: like a watercolour
Aubrey: toddler-dom

Major heart pangs this week. 

The sun sets on three // The feisty toddler blooms. 

The babies are gone.

05 July 2015


Ellery: portrait of the artist at work
Aubrey: dabbled in watercolours, prefers sitting at the big table

Love the Winter light in this front room in our city house - it feels just like a studio space.

Also, first non-beach portraits this Winter!