28 December 2014


Ellery: ethereal
Aubrey: doe-eyed deliciousness

Fifty two! A few missed portraits along the way, but a record of their year nonetheless.

Thanks to Keiran for the photo of Ellery ... a timeless shot and one I know he won't use. 

I have found it increasingly difficult to drag out my camera this year ... lately because K is often using it. I think the solution for me right now is a more compact camera. Our finances however dictate that this will remain on the wishlist for a while.

21 December 2014


Ellery: music and books ... we must be doing something right
Aubrey: little storm lily elf

These shots, though far from perfect, make me immeasurably happy.

Because, really. One kid at the piano, head in a pile of books? The other ankle-deep in storm lilies? 

Childhood perfection.

14 December 2014


Ellery: revelling in the Christmas lights near Nana's place
Aubrey: my packing assistant

The big fellow: Last year you melted when Santa crossed your path and offered you a toy. This year, after pondering the idea for a while, you approached the big guy for a lolly bag.

The littlest fellow: two teeth, arm-flapping dance moves, music lover, pointing, clapping, standing, the backwards caterpillar shuffle, snuggles forever.

Note to self: use camera. These phone shots are just woeful ... but still, a record for this time-poor mama.

07 December 2014


Ellery: waking up (with a smile!) despite being sick
Aubrey: post-bath sleepyhead

The one where I mention just how grumpy this kid can be upon waking. Not enough of this gorgeous smile in my life. And look at that face! He is really becoming his Dad.

The littlest feller is pudging up. Must be all that yummy food!