26 January 2015


Ellery: big-rain watching in his Dad's ranger cap
Aubrey: babe in the big wide world

The heatwave, the monsoon.

Beautiful times with the big kid. He is older in the face. I'll try and get a nice close up this week! But those curls!

The smallest. Eleven months. ELEVEN MONTHS! Waay too fast. He is such a delight. Off and crawling, just before he entered his last month as a baby!!

18 January 2015


Ellery: dinner in the lagoon
Aubrey: boy and truck

The golden hour at our favourite beach lagoon, cooling off after a few very hot days in the city.

Dinner is often had in the drink.

Milestones: Ellery using his new (Christmas-gifted) kickboard, feet off the ground! Aubrey, brrmmming, roaring like a dinosaur, and crawling (for the past four days).

11 January 2015


Ellery: I can see the boy
Aubrey: ocean dreaming

We went to the city... then it was back to our regular programming.

04 January 2015


Ellery: little chocolate ice cream mouse
Aubrey: dune mouse

Homemade chocolate ice cream. Two ingredients, unsweetened. I blew both our minds.

The last day of the year he was born. It started pretty sweetly and ended with a beach lagoon swim and two happy sleeping babies in the backseat (holiday miracle right there), the smallest clutching my phone playing this, his favourite bop-along song.

For the record, Aubrey likes sand, but there is way less of it being eaten than his brother did. So much more moderate, in every conceivable way.