31 August 2014


Ellery: a tangled mess
Aubrey: sand between the toes

Barely getting any shots of the big boy these days. His 'stop' sign says it all.

I'm also very rarely using my proper camera, resorting to the phone which is always there, and a little less conspicuous.

24 August 2014


Ellery: dinner at the beach in Nana's beanie
Aubrey: teething bites

The big boy is blossoming into three. 

The small boy has lost his usual sleeping prowess, and suddenly I am back in the oh-so familiar land of stuck-under-a-sleeping-baby-send-coffee. Teething bites the big one.

Also, we have a six-month-old! How did that happen?

19 August 2014


Ellery: playing doctors
Aubrey: window gazing ... from the highchair!

The Grands are visiting.

The big boy scored a doctor's kit as a belated birthday present. He's besotted with the phone it came with. I'm in love with the glasses.

The small one has graduated to the high chair, just shy of six months. When did he get so big?!

10 August 2014


Ellery: riding in the birthday bus
Aubrey: mesmerised by a hand

The week their Daddy turned 40.

We scored a small four-wheel drive bus to ferry visitors between our Cape home and the beach.

There was food, lots of it. Family and friends, a few. Campfires, kids and beaching.

A fine time was had, despite the rain.

05 August 2014


Ellery: basking in the glow of three
Aubrey: the face of tolerance

Another week where the phone captures won out. Sometimes they just seem more effortless, more in the moment.

And at the moment, it really doesn't matter, as long as i am capturing these moments.