30 November 2014


Ellery: head in a book
Aubrey: head in the clouds

My wild child is seizing moments of stillness amidst piles of books. It makes me ridiculously happy.

And my little charmer is finding his swagger, gaining momentum to get moving. He's a late starter, just like his brother. It's just a matter of confidence. And days, I suspect.

23 November 2014


Ellery: lots of couch time for this sick poppet
Aubrey: twilight watching

Confession. The photo of Ellery was from a week later. I have a handful of photos of him from this week, all unflattering shots in the nude. In my pre-kid daydreams of life with kids, I imagined little garden sprites running naked. Now my daydreams involve him clothed! It would certainly make the rare feat of getting a portrait-worthy photo that much easier.

16 November 2014


Ellery: cornflake picking, with bed hair
Aubrey: sleeps without a swaddle

The week in which I endeavour to redeem myself.

Relying on phone photos again because life, work, two smalls. And a certain person has taken to using my camera.

Other notables: a mini heatwave, a visiting photographer to our island abode, and lots of gross motor stuff happening with the smallest.