26 April 2015


Ellery: riding the Daddy horse
Aubrey: walking! with concentration tongue!

Horsing around on the beach, with a ponytail (!), pre-throat infection.

And walking (!) on the beach, onset throat infection.

The here come the winter lurgies edition...

19 April 2015


Ellery: he is the music man
Aubrey: trying out big brother's beanbag chair

No camera photos this week. Because three-and-a-half. I've been crying into my wine at night. But also, you do an impeccable impersonation of Piglet.

And the week of the ball obsession. This kid can throw straighter than anyone in his immediate bloodlines. Also, fourteen months ... sheesh. And first steps!

12 April 2015


Ellery: throwing a frisby
Aubrey: new tricks

Oh, what a week.

Tantrums are at a crescendo, and I am copping the brunt. A more conscious effort to carve out time just for you.

A fringe trim and a developmental leap, and here comes the toddler! Standing, climbing, riding his wheely bug and pushing a block trolley (that belonged to my brother!).

05 April 2015


Ellery: conversations on the kitchen bench
Aubrey: banana

I have much more poetic photos on my phone.

But these are a lot closer to reality. Unabashedly domestic and cluttered.

You were both very high need this week (let's hope it is just this week!). Developmental blips (walking! soon!) and extreme behaviour (hitting, throwing, headbutting your brother, screaming fits of the burst-your-eardrum variety that last a mofo eternity)

Also the week I paid five bucks for a download of consoling parenting wisdom about how three-and-a-half is the nadir of humanity.

Sigh. And Wine. And caffeine. And chocolate. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.