27 September 2015


Ellery: we played trains under the kitchen table while his brother napped
Aubrey: down the back steps

E: The past couple of weeks with him have been bliss. Tantrums at an all-time minimum. We are loved up, and my goodness it makes life infinitely better.

A: A nice knock on the chin where he fell into a table. And a fractured bone in his foot means we are back to crawling everywhere. Hashtag toddler lyf! Also, first haircut, over several nights whilst sleeping. It could still use a bit more choppity chop.

20 September 2015


Ellery: intense focus
Aubrey: joyous jumping

13 September 2015


Ellery: full steam
Aubrey: gotcha

Bubble play in the backyard. With a snippet of bus.

06 September 2015

fathers day 2015

We waited for Daddy to get home from work.

We made biscuits for him on your request, given in a jar with loveheart stickers stuck by you.

We wrote love notes, along the lines of, 'I love you because you are very tricky to find when we play hide and seek'.

The smallest and I picked flowers.

When Daddy got home, we made him bacon and eggs in your cafe.

And we beached til the sun went down.


Ellery: unleashing your energy
Aubrey: new tricks

So. Much. Wild. So. Many. Questions.

I have a wonderful shot of you both sitting on the kitchen bench, post paddle pool. Ellery with a scowl, probably complaining to me about something. Aubrey with his new camera smile (eyes closed, channeling Ellery). It's a nudie shot, so cutting room floor, but is SO descriptive of you both right now.