26 May 2013


"Winter's coming."

We've been talking with Ellery about the seasons. He knows winter is coming - and rejoices in exclaiming it whenever there's mention of rugging up. We've been donning our woollens. Leaving the beach early as the dark and cold descend. And warming up with cups of tea. (He likes chamomile.)

It gets surprisingly cool here. Exposed to full coastal blows as we are. In a house built for Queensland summers.

We saw the first whales of the season this week, making their winter journey north to warmer waters. I can hardly believe it's our third whale season here! Our first season, he was newborn. On the tail end of the last season, he saw them for the first time. And now, as a soon-to-be two-year-old, perhaps he'll start laying down memories of these amazing creatures.

Thanks to everyone who commented on last week's portrait - I'm a bit blown away by the attention! (We are relieved that the night terrors have been short-lived, thus far.)

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24 May 2013


If lack of sleep is associated in any way with higher than average intelligence, as I have heard, then our child is EXTREMELY GIFTED. Though I suspect this is just an ego-petting line in the vein of 'if you suffer from morning sickness your baby will be healthy'.

I feel like we've had more than our fair share of sleep issues.

Catnaps. Nap rousings. Nap refusals. Extremely-late-in-the-day naps. Way-too-long naps. Will only be fed/rocked/driven to sleep naps. Nap wakings that set off seismic monitors along the Eastern Seabord. Bedtime refusals. Night-time wake-ups to the power of this-has-become-my-entire-life-for-gods-sake-just-sleep! Three AM starts. Five AM starts. Five AM starts. Five AM starts. And in the last week, night terrors. (Plus the usual chorus of wake-ups, nap refusals and early risings.) 

When I think back on his nearly two years of life, I recall small spells when the sleep was good. Meaning he only woke up twice at night. 

I am clawing out my eyes through lack of sleep, exhaustion, end-of-my-tetherness. And I am the (only) sound-sleeper of the three of us.

I want my evenings back.

Cancel that.

I want some time back at the end of the day without being so burnt out that I can actually do things.

I am pretty much down to feeding him once during the day - in a quest for a daytime nap - and at nighttime wake-ups. I have had an intense urge to wean. But then I think about the trauma it would inflict on him and give up the idea as fanciful fluff. And there's the small issue of how I'd get him to sleep... though in a very recent development I've had some success with guided meditation at night.

I probably could have just posted a very long uuuurrrggghhhhh. And spared you three minutes.

I am biding my time. And hoping his current spell of angst dissolves. Pronto.


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19 May 2013


Even in the biggest landscapes his focus is on the detail.

An afternoon exploring the sand dune country nearby. He was such a trouper and did a lot of meandering walking. And running! He absolutely loved it.

I love the way he stops in his tracks to notice a seedpod. Plays peek-a-boo with his shadow. Names sheoak and banksia. Does his little 'funnywalk'. He even slid down a rather large dune - not bad for the kid who doesn't really do playgrounds.

It's been another hard week. He has been having night terrors, though we had no idea what they were. It's such a relief to name them. And to be able to do things to prevent them. His have been triggered by over-tiredness. There's a lot of frustration and developmental growth going on too.

It all makes me really, truly appreciate the calm. The sometimes quiet pottering in the kitchen or the garden. His happy banter. And especially his mimicry: 'Oh dar-wing!' or 'Oh mi-tter, mi-tter!'

Joining in with Jodi.

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12 May 2013


He is all hair and frustration.

We have had a hard couple of weeks, he and I. 

His frustration at not being able to do what he wants is bubbling over when he wakes from naps. Cue seismic meltdowns and sabotaged afternoons. 

I am trying to do even more to encourage and reaffirm his blossoming independence. But really, when you're not quite two, you don't have terribly much of it.

And that is making life hard right now for this headstrong fellow.

(I have no idea where he gets it from.)

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05 May 2013


Hello pelican!

Oh Autumn, I love your white light and icy sea blues.

I am so glad to be home after four long days of provisioning in the city.

After unpacking and putting away our month's supplies, we celebrated with a quick jaunt along the shoreline at our local.

You can't really tell, but he is full of cold. We came home from the beach and made chicken soup. From fish stock and miso, with two types of seaweed. He told me it was tasty! Here's hoping it'll pass quickly, and the rest of us weather through it.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.