31 May 2015


Ellery: the lopsided mouth! - pretending to be unimpressed
Aubrey: exploring all the things

You wouldn't know it from these pictures, but it has been the week of gastro.

Please, please, please, let it end this week!

24 May 2015


Ellery: the boy and the sea
Aubrey: small boy, big sky

So much to say about life right now.

It will have to wait. 

Because life speaks for itself. Loudly, relentlessly. 

17 May 2015


Ellery: moody
Aubrey: walking

So much growing around these parts.

Ellery, you are more self aware, more independent. You're doing so much testing. And screaming, hitting, rejecting. Exhibit one: 'You're not my mother!'. Exhibit two: 'I want to buy a new Daddy!'.

Aubrey, you are walking! And becoming more audacious in your climbing.

10 May 2015


Ellery: he has wings to fly
Aubrey: seedpod finding

Ellery, we're keeping tantrums in check with more stimulation ... new audio books ... your appetite for them is insatiable ... you disappear for a very long time into their magical lands. As a consequence, you've been confronting me with requests like this: "Let's pretend I'm a statue made of cheese!"

Aubrey, you've learnt to say no with a shake of your head, and it's your answer to everything, even when the answer is yes! You're on the cusp of walking, it's becoming very fluid for you. You're a snuggly one, volunteering lots of kisses and back patting. Super divine. May it never change.

03 May 2015


Ellery: asking me to tell him jokes
Aubrey: sandpit is a splashpool

A week of big, big rain.

And illness - this time the littlest feller. 

Still much three-and-a-half year old behaviour ... and then quite suddenly, a couple of golden days. Bliss.