10 May 2015


Ellery: he has wings to fly
Aubrey: seedpod finding

Ellery, we're keeping tantrums in check with more stimulation ... new audio books ... your appetite for them is insatiable ... you disappear for a very long time into their magical lands. As a consequence, you've been confronting me with requests like this: "Let's pretend I'm a statue made of cheese!"

Aubrey, you've learnt to say no with a shake of your head, and it's your answer to everything, even when the answer is yes! You're on the cusp of walking, it's becoming very fluid for you. You're a snuggly one, volunteering lots of kisses and back patting. Super divine. May it never change.


Nasreen said...

Beautiful light. When I introduced audio books to my boys they were a resounding failure...maybe it's time to try again!

Anonymous said...

The light - just gorgeous!
Sounds like the beginnings of a love affair with books.