17 May 2015


Ellery: moody
Aubrey: walking

So much growing around these parts.

Ellery, you are more self aware, more independent. You're doing so much testing. And screaming, hitting, rejecting. Exhibit one: 'You're not my mother!'. Exhibit two: 'I want to buy a new Daddy!'.

Aubrey, you are walking! And becoming more audacious in your climbing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset moments!

Bush Kids said...

Love that most of your portraits are outside, with the kids playing and exploring the stunning natural environment of your home. Had a bit of a look around your blog and an older post about the challenges of living extremely remotely really resonated - we too have lived in the Western Desert, a small island north of New Guinea and now live on a rural property in NSW. Although I think it forces you to be creative in your parenting, as the options available are fewer, I think it is a wonderful way for children to spend their early years.

little earth stories said...

Bush Kids - thank you. I couldn't agree more, despite the challenges. It sounds like your kids have experienced some very different places to live. :-)

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