01 July 2013


Winter light and a soaring imagination

We've had a lot of indoors weather. I'm posting this (late) from the depths of a subtropical low - lots of howling wind and relentless rain. Extreme weather is part of life on an island Cape, that's for sure.

One of his favourite things to do inside is sit with his basket of empty jars and spice containers and make a big curry or stew in a pot. He loves opening and closing the lids and offering me tastes from his spoon.

Joining in with Jodi.

You can see the whole series of portraits here. I cannot believe the year is half done! And in four more portraits, we'll have a two-year-old!

Also must say a big thank you to everyone who has left lovely comments - the last few weeks have been super busy and involved travel, so I am still catching up.


miranda said...

Such a sweet photo, linked as one of my favourites for the week: http://sofiasplayground.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/2752.html

little earth stories said...

Thanks Miranda - you are very sweet. x