14 July 2013


Chasing seagulls.

I really like the idea of trying to capture spirit and personality through portraiture. 

After swimming, this is probably his favourite thing to do at the beach! What almost-two-year-old doesn't like chasing birds?

Joining in with Jodi. (Thanks Jodi for featuring last week's portrait on Che and Fidel!)

You can see the series of portraits here.


I must also apologise (again) for my lack of response to comments - the boy has not slept before 10pm for over a week. There is light - and an end - he has dropped his day nap and we are happily reclaiming some badly-needed adult time in the evenings. Huzzah!

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bluebirds of happiness said...

Love this - my ten year old still loves chasing seagulls!