04 June 2013

onwards // upwards

Twenty two, the week there will be no portrait.

It was too emotionally draining, too busy, too sleepless. 

And I am too exhausted, too close to the end of my rope.

Actually I think I unravelled and slipped right off the end for a few blips...

This week I became the mother and partner I never want to see myself be again.

And yet, early into week twenty three, I was hopeful. I loaded a fresh battery and switched on my camera.

Alas, I didn't take one shot last week. Which is kinda sad.

But I'm so glad to be moving through a new week, even though today began at 4am and yesterday is a blur.

Shots are from a few weeks back of the gorgeous one testing out his climbing. The concentration! The looking like a baby and a little old man all at once! 


Love him.

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