30 December 2013


Magic - discovering his first 'big boy' bike beneath the tree

And that's a wrap! 

On (nearly) 52 portraits. Huzzah!

So very thankful to Jodi for hosting this project, and proud of myself to have stuck (mostly) with it. I haven't photographically loved all of the portraits, but am ever so grateful for the memories captured. I love that it's a living record of his year, from baby face to big boy pouts. I have relished the intention of portrait-taking, and the process of choosing single frames from the many shots taken.

It has been my reason to dust off my camera after many months of neglect. Thanks to K for spoiling me with a brand new camera for Christmas (!), I'll be much better equipped to join in next year. I can't wait.

Not sure how my staying power will fare with a new little one around in February, but inspired to give it a go.


beth said...

Good on you Sam - I have found your dedication inspiring! It has been lovely to see a shot of your little one week after week - and such a great memento for you to have!! Happy New Year to you three - 2014 is going to be a big one!! xx

Mietta said...

Ooooh, beautiful!!! Anaru just adores his wishbone bike, it's easily his favourite 'thing' ~ I hope Mr E is enjoying his : ) xo