16 December 2013


Two and a half versus world

Meet Kid Defiance. 

The worst weekend yet. Why do things seem to escalate when his Daddy is home?

Every little situation is a full-scale drama. He is asserting his will for the sake of opposition, and we are copping the full brunt.

Maybe it is because we are both there.

Even in his happy zone, watering the garden, he looks glum.

I must remind myself that this too, shall pass. Though I must say, it is all making me very anxious about the transitions still to come.

Joining in with Jodi.


Female Relic said...

Oh dear! That is why they are called the terrible two's my lovely. Most children go through it so know that you're not alone. Grin and bear it! (Or maybe that should be GRIMACE and bear it!) He looks not only sad in this shot but angry too, in my 'umble opinion. :)

beth said...

SWWNBB is going through exactly the same deal at the moment, from all reports. Very difficult - for all of you. My theory is that Smalls lose their shit the best when they are feeling MOST secure (i.e. when both you and K are present). Not super helpful, I know. A HEAP of development can happen in such a short time, so try not to worry about What Might Be - because he will have evolved even further by then...

little earth stories said...

Female Relic - yes, sad, angry, frustrated, tired, etc, etc. I know it is all normal but geez!

Beth - oh dear, sympathies to her. Totally agree with your theory. And throw in a bit of routine disruption and struggling with K's absences. And you're right - it all changes as soon as you name it so it's not worth the time spent worrying about what will happen with another kid and another house move.

Andrea said...

Oh my god...the hose....Who knew a hose could incite such a slew of meltdowns.....at least at our house.

I take it there is a hose obsession at yours too??