07 April 2014


Ellery: pretend play is high energy
Aubrey: first smiles

The big boy's energy has escalated. He is increasingly loud, clumsy and developmentally freewheeling forward. 

I am discovering, through this book, why the past six months with him have been so challenging. Y'know, aside from the living apart from his Dad and the new brother. My heart sank when I read the words, 'it is not just the terrible twos'. Though this is also somewhat a relief. Here's hoping for some instructive help.

I have no great shots of the small boy smiling. This one is the least blurred of the lot!


Mandy said...

that is a great smiling bub pic! too cute.

Kelli Wilson said...

Hello! I found your blog via the Practising Simplicity link-up. I just wanted to tell you that your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I love the candid quality of them. You've captured "real life" so beautifully.