21 January 2013


Full of cold.
Mad hair, exhausted eyes.
Waterplay in a heatwave.

I am really loving this project. I've even given the blog a bit of a spruce. And perhaps a flourish and a tweak or two to come. I was not crazy about this photo, background clutter and all. But I'm trying to be a bit more 'flow'. About life, generally. And well, the moment sums up our week. We've both been sick (why does that always seem to happen when we travel?), the boy with the worst fever he's ever had in his nearly 18 months. We spend a lot of time at the sink on these long, sweltering days, playing and cooling down. And his hair grows more crazy by the week! My little mad scientist.

1 comment:

Tisha said...

I think it is a lovely photo! I just see an adorable baby...no mess! :-)
And I sure hope you guys both feel better...sick babes are no fun :-( Even more so when you are sick with them...