01 February 2013


Their little union of adoration.

I took this shot just after ex-tropical cyclone Oswald blew through, which was also the same day he turned 18 months. We fully battened the hatches, packed a few sentimental items and emergency gear in case of significant damage. We were lucky to weather the storm with minor damage to surrounding buildings. It was also the weekend he had his first 'haircut'. His fringe had been bothering him. I made a few tiny snips while he slept. Not to be touched again for as long as possible.

Joining in with Jodi, albeit belatedly this week.


Ash n Tim said...

This is a beautiful photo. Better late than never! (I'm later than you by the way!) Glad you came out unscathed from the cyclone. And I agree, first haircuts are the hardest!

little earth stories said...

Thank you! Yes we've been very lucky. And oh, the trepidation about cutting those beautiful locks!