10 February 2013


Finding the beautiful. In a grungy carwash.
Travelling without my DLSR. Which is no great loss, as my general purpose lens is broken and my other is very difficult to use for portraits. Especially when your subject does not sit still! Time for some lens window-shopping, methinks. Will gladly accept recommendations.

I've done a bit of tweaking the blog recently. I updated my profile thingie. And realised that this blog reflects none of those other things that I am - maker, finder, grower. Dreamer-of-more-timer. Reading this it would seem that I am consumed with the mothering stuff. Which I am.
I still boggle at how other mamas of smalls seem to be able to do creative stuff and blog. But there have been gradual gains, of the one-step-forward-two-steps-back kind. And I need to remind myself that we have chosen to live a life of intention, not a life of convenience. We wouldn't want it otherwise. Anyway, I'd like to re-embrace this space, fill it with all that other lovely stuff that sometimes happens. The bread-making, the treasure finding, the little game of postman I made for a little someone.

But first, to fix thy camera issues.

Joining in with the inspiring Jodi and some other very talented mamas.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.  


Maxabella said...

A most beautiful, peaceful shot. x

little earth stories said...

Thank you Maxabella! x