24 February 2013


At the big table.

I love the boy he is becoming.

His favourite saying says it all. "Ellery do it!"

All of a sudden he really knows colours and shapes. He can identify and name a hexagon. And has proudly got his tongue around 'helicopter' and 'peanut butter'. It never fails to amaze me how he absorbs everything. And his favourite exclamation: 'Goodness gracious me!'

It's strange too. As much as we are fostering his independence, with activities like cutting his own fruit for his snacks and spreading his toast, a small part of me is resisting his desires for independence.

Every day I am challenged to find a little bit more patience, slow down even more. Rise above the mess. Dig deeper within myself for more energy. All of which is hard when you're in the midst of the longest, wackiest sleep regression ever.

And I am still burning the candle at both ends, despite resolving to sleep more.

This week I will try harder.

Joining in with the inspiring Jodi and some other very talented mamas.

You can see the whole series of portraits here.


Liberty Wickman said...

Awww He's already getting so much bigger!! I miss my little monkey and you guys as well! I hope you're doing well!!

little wild moose said...

Wow, 18 months old and he knows colours and shapes and BIG words - that is amazing!

So lovely to find your blog after following you on IG for some time. x

little earth stories said...

Liberty - Ellery and I sat and looked at photos of you today and talked about how we miss you! All's good here. Nothing as exciting as Bali though! x

Jess - wow, you found me out! I go under a different profile at IG and am just finding my blogging feet again! Thanks for joining the dots! x

Serendips said...

It's such a lovely moment when you see them join the dots. And to record it for them so they can read about it when they are older is extra special.

little earth stories said...

Serendips - Isn't it funny, I'd never really thought about recording these things for him! :-)