26 November 2007

coming to a port near you...

Yeehaa. Yeehaaah. Yeeeehaaaaaaaooooowwwwww!

* tucks shirt in and composes self *

Now I've got that over with, here is the schedule for Two Bays.

(If you knew how long it took me to place and format this data manually after giving up trying to create a legible image by importing from both Word and Excel into Photoshop, you'd feel better about the long drive and just come.)

And, if you're like me and dying to know how tall Andrew Denton really is, come along to the launch on Sunday 2 December at 11am at Boatman's Wharf, New Quay, Docklands (off Docklands Drive - mel ref 2E, C5).

Sun 2
Leg: Docklands to Queenscliff
Berth: Queenscliff
Activities: Launch

Mon 3
Leg: PPB entrance
Berth: Mud Island/Rye/Queenscliff
Activities: PPB exchange transects

Tue 4
Leg: PPB to Flinders
Berth: Flinders

Wed 5
Berth: Flinders
Activities: Pier Engagement*

Thu 6
Berth: Flinders
Activities: Citizen Science Day

Fri 7
Leg: Flinders to Hastings
Berth: Hastings
Activities: Ocean dialogues & CMA led discussion about Western Port study

Sat 8
Berth: Hastings
Activities: Citizen Science / Pier Engagement*

Sun 9
Rest day, Hastings

Mon 10
Leg: Hastings to Hastings
Berth: Hastings
Activities: CMA Pelican catchment tour

Tue 11
Leg: Hastings to Rhyll
Berth: Rhyll
Activities: Ecosystem Indicators, Research Partner & Pier Engagement*

Wed 12
Leg: Rhyll to Queenscliff
Berth: Queenscliff
Activities: Pier Engagement*

Thu 13
Leg: Queenscliff to Rye
Berth: Rye
Activities: Pier Engagement*

Fri 14
Rest day, Rye

Sat 15
Leg: Frankston to Ricketts
Berth: Mordialloc
Activities: Citizen Science, Sunset Tour led by Kingston Council (Topsy Petchey)

Sun 16
Leg: Ricketts
Berth: Patterson R (?)
Activities: Habitat mapping-Ricketts

Mon 17
Leg: Rickets to Williamstown
Berth: Williamstown
Activities: Habitat mapping – Jawbone & Pier Engagement*

Tue 18
Leg: Williamstown to Werribee South
Berth: Werribee South
Activities: Habitat mapping – Pt Cook & Pier Engagement*

Wed 19
Leg: Altona to Geelong
Berth: Geelong
Activities: Pier Engagement*

Thu 20
Leg: Geelong to Portsea around the coast
Berth: Portsea
Activities: Sea country

Fri 21
Rest day, Portsea

*All pier engagements are between 5pm and 6.30 pm.

I'd love to see you somewhere along the way :)


miaow said...

Ooh. Thanks for posting this. I think we're going to come and visit you in Hastings or Rhyll - but hopefully Rhyll, because that's where we always pull in and stay the night on the trimaran. We're hoping to sail over!

the cook said...

Cool! Maybe check the Pelican site (www.svpelican.com.au) before you come - if they post the schedule you can check if anything changes.

Anonymous said...

Sam, if you can give me more info on Citizen Science Tour at Mordi I can let Luke and Tracy know, if it's open to the public - like it sounds. Like what time (from and to,) cost, going where, etc.