13 December 2007


I wasn’t going to post (if you can’t say anything nice, etc) but for the sake of all within mumbling range I really should vent. I’ve been a bit cranky. Those who’ve shared house with me call it wearing the cranky pants, though I prefer ‘Grumbellina’, it sounds a lot nicer. Can’t put my finger on it. Should be feeling up after visits from family etc and a sunny and moody grey non-work day on the Mornington Peninsula with an afternoon visit to a chocolatier and touring (ok, got me, lounging around) Merricks Estate. Here’s a few (trivial, indulgent) possible causes…

sticky flies
lack of sleep
overconsumption of wine
cabin fever
crazy dreams about boys who’ve left
award-winning pies that trick you into eating them and leave your digestive tract to deal with the aftermath
reality doom books
perennially split fingers and lips
boatloads of people people people

Find of the week: Merricks Estate pinot noir (hello santa!)

Coveting: free time and a very long bush track


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I too was getting a bit cranky and I was only on a week ! While if feeling whiney I reckon on adding tediously overtired grumpy captains to the list, but all up, say it was just way to close to the end of the year to be working at all. Nothing a lot of Christmas pudding and an air ticket to Malaysia wouldn't fix I'd dare suggest ! xx N

the cook said...

Mmm, pudding!