27 January 2008

hot and bothered in kl

I'm in KL. It's about thirty thousand degrees. Or more. Last night I met up with Ren and J - friends from Brissie who are on the sad end of a Thailand beach holiday: aka they fly home tomorrow :(

What's cool about KL...
Dim sum and gigantic Tiger beer in Jalan Alor (a happy coincidence has me staying right behind the famed hawker food strip)
Donning headscarves in searing heat to see a mosque from the inside
The Islamic Arts Museum which I fled to escape the heat but which inspired with some really beautiful fabrics, ceramics, seals, metalwork etc from Asiatic cultures
Groovy kaftans at Little India night market
Food prep in Chinatown (except the stuff with the live chickens)
Dragging your toes through the grass where the old colonialists used to play cricket
Finally sitting down (preferably in shopping malls and/or taxis with air conditioning)
Taxi drivers who use the meter and then tell you the fare is 'whatever you want'
Bananas (very sweet)

Not so cool...
The heat
The headaches (see above)
Touts and dodgy taxi drivers
Strange beverages named Kickapoo Joy Drink
Petronas Towers... we snagged our free tickets to go up 41 floors to the skybridge but first had to sit through a propaganda reel which informed us that the opulent towers - headquarters of a devious oil company which apparently featured in some Connery/Jolie action flick I was disinclined to see - 'inspire Malaysia's young people to believe that anything's possible'. We suddenly felt like Bart et al watching Burns and Smithers give us the good oil about Springfield Nuclear Power Plant during a school-based screening of a corporate video. The three of us being marketeers in current or previous lives sacked their agency on the spot.

Fly to Chang Mai tomorrow (up in four and a bit hours... oh dear!)



austin said...

Hey Sam,
A belated bon voyage. I was hoping we would catch up before your trip but obviously I missed ya. Kewl to read about your adventures. Go internet cafes. I am stressing and anxious about Two Bays Forum. Just hoping it will all come off- but at last min Randall has been pulled from presenting Arrrghhh...and I have to present and change style of night a bit ...double arrrrggghhh.
Anyways - we'll muddle through. Wishing you many happy adventures over there.
Natxx AKA Austin

The Relics said...

Forgot to look here on l.e.stories to catch up with the latest - how quickly you forget! Well..not you, certainly me/us!
Sounds fabulous, keep on enjoying and search out more internet cafes.
Keep off the Kickapoo, it may take action.
Is the Two Bays Forum (Nat talks of) to discuss or get out there, the results of the scientific studies done on board? If so, can I access them somehow? Dreaded Dredging STARTS TODAY...probably too late but now newspapers are starting to think its all dodgy and saying so and protests and action still goes ahead from Blue Wedges and others.
Post as much as you want to buy - no probs., eat as much as you would like - keep waistline in mind, not mouth, keep travellin' an' experiencin' an' enjoyin' an' shootin' an' writin.'

the cook said...

Hey Nat... that's a poo about Randall. I hope it all comes together and I'm sure you'll be fab. I'd love to hear how it all goes. Thanks for the 'bv'... will try to keep posting and catch up in April :)

Relics... haha! You can contact Nat to find out about the forum... there's a link on l-e-s homepage called wild dog road which is her blog. Or just email the pelican email (on their website).

Eergh... total exhaustion and early start tomorrow. Will post again soon about the amazingness of Chiang Mai, almost missed planes and the journey that is fast becoming all about the food!