29 April 2008

bingi things

I took these over the new year when I was relishing not going anywhere for three weeks. Discovered the potential within my little Ixus while it's big brother (the 350D) was in Collingwood for much-needed TLC.

Pretty explanatory - still (and still kicking) life around Bingi.

meet the neighbours / wall feather

road to bingi / people with paddocks make hay

119 in cat years

small argument for weeds

west boundary

twiggy doodad I made / beautiful laundry

k's lantern / stone by r


One of the Relics said...

The 'beautiful laundry' shot is unfair Sam - my undies were really our new, luxurious and spacious accommodation for our visitors, now you've given the game away!

the cook said...

Er, yes, sorry about that. I thought if I gave it a sepia tinge and included 'beautiful' in the title I might get away with it. Seems not. I will make it up on Sunday :)

lottery winners said...

Gomen kudasai.