02 February 2009

ramble without a point

Indulge me. I have now spent two and a half months on a drip-feed of housing-related information. Housing policy and service delivery is my daylight LIFE between weekends. My mind has been overtaken and my 'pen' co-opted. As far as topical issues go, it’s pretty newsy. But not exactly Jay Griffiths, writer de force and subject of my current and ongoing infatuation… (ongoing because I don’t have time to read anymore and when I do my eyes are gluey/fried from the screen and page).

So this post is just a shameful attempt to register a blip while I am mired in uninspiration, with scribblings limited to the paid kind (wistful hmmm goes here). Specially wistful since the feather sent a lovely postcard at xmas but has not since called :(

I’m hoping energy and inspiration will improve now I'm housed (irony noted, in spades) and have, as of today, finished a two-month warming of my manager's seat, during which I discovered how rare and special is the trifecta of maturity, critical thinking and work ethic. Suffice to say I am very glad to slip back to my minion chains where I am responsible only for myself ;)

In defence of life, there has been a lurid yet brief smatter of inspired moments beyond the desk ...

  • seeing my best friend from primary school who possibly knows more about me than anyone and who I hadn’t seen in about 15 years! (Never thought I would say this, but Facebook rocks.)

  • meeting an interesting someone who is coordinating Brisbane’s Choir of Hard Knocks

  • seeing the Namatjira exhibition

  • invitation to be a hair model... have been a cheese model (evidence below with the disclaimer that I was made to wear the purple frilly shirt and it certainly isn't mine!)... but this could be fun, too!

  • inspired muffin-dreaming... in particular: pear, pecan and ginger (first attempt not pear-y or ginger-y enough but addition of dark chocolate a piece of muffiny genius!) AND Fig, pistachio and rosewater muffins (which may also wear a native hibiscus syrup decoration after I inquisitively picked up some rosella flowers at the markets - v yum in champagne).

  • the markets, the markets, the markets. My weekend SALVE.
So there. Cultural reintegration almost complete. I almost have pre-approval on a m-m-m-mortgage (ha! you thought I was going to say muffin!! oh god it's late, and my brain is wrecked), though am embarrassed to report the need to re-learn how to use major appliances (both the oven and TV work, it's my domesticity that's rusted).

Am clinging to my toiletries bag like a backpacker in denial.


HW Opinionated Women said...

heh Sam, glad to have you back in Briz. Can I please feature one of your gorgeous photos on the front page of my Feb e-newsletter and accredit you plus link to your flickr site?? I was thinking 'Bonsai Hue'

Bev Ryan

the cook said...

Hi Bev, great to hear from you! Sure that's fine to use a photo... will be on the watch for the newsletter. Hope you're v well. s :)