02 June 2009

ho fan club

My mate Ren and I have started this thing on Friday nights. We do dinner. Actually we do Vietnamese. Actually we do Vietnamese in West End. Starting in Hardgrave Road, which has at least a long month’s worth of Vietnamese Friday dinners. Last week we gave ourselves a name – the Ho Fan Club, after one of the house specials at Quan Thanh. And too much red wine. And at the encouragement of Ren’s partner J who thought "ho fun" (in a 'chinglish' accent with good-time inflection) was the goods. We also adopted some house rules: one, we order to share; two we always order a tofu dish; three, we always mystery-select a chicken dish (ie, in ‘blindly point at the chicken section of the menu' fashion); and four, we never eat at the same establishment twice.

So we thought yeah, that’s pretty cool. An interesting start to our respective weekends. Maybe we should blog it. And then I was looking at The Age and see that one of their food writers has done the same thing! Except on Mondays along Victoria Street in Richmond. They call their little dinner club 'Good Evening Vietnam' (snooze). And they’ve been doing this for a whole year already!

WTF? Seriously! I mean if only we could come up with these ideas a little earlier. Anyway, I'm sure there's only one Ho Fan Club in Brisbane. And here it is...


Christel said...

Great idea. I love anything, everything from Vietnam.

Sophie Munns said...

I'd love to do this! If you ever decide to do a night and include...say.... other brissie bloggers...or other brissie people who subscribe to dumbo feather do let me know! i fit into both categories and think that could be a lot of fun!
best wishes,

the cook said...

Hi Christel - I thought I had replied to you but seems not... oops. Perhaps I only commented on your fine blog and merely thought I had replied to you! Apologies and (belated) thanks!

Thanks Sophie - that sounds like a fine idea! I am a bit disconnected from other Brissie bloggers but you have inspired me to do a bit of research! I LOVE your artwork and the photos on your blog... just had a quick look but will definitely be back when time allows for a longer amble!

Sam x