20 October 2009

the list review: part two

18. Do more creative work. Oh dreary desk, thief of time and inspiration. Thus begins a concerted effort to lessen web trawling and beef up creative play.

19. Do something eco-preneurial / creative with R. Lots daydreaming. See above. Gah!

20. Make and give away recycled notebooks. Ibid. *shudders*

21. Redevelop Pelican’s website. Some advice dispatched... the guts of it outstanding.

22. Start giving blood again. Started going again but got dizzy and was advised not to return til my constitution was a bit more robust.

23. Learn the violin. And pick up my guitar more often. The former is BIG on my 35 list (if there will be a 35 list, I'm undecided given my inability to get through the 34 list). Recently unleashed the dusty axe for the first time for K, to his complete astonishment. :)

24. Visit the Bunya Mountains. Hmph. Feel somewhat OK about not getting there yet since I have instead discovered the southern (and very un-Gold-y) end of the Gold Coast. Who would've thunk?

25. Go for bushwalks. Yep.

26. Get a bike and ride it (and this time, don’t give it away!) Bike, check. Must apply self to riding it more... as soon as this inflamed disc in my lower back settles. Hmm. The relics were right, getting older sucks.

27. Do more for others. Took photos at R’s art auction and helped organise S’s 50th... and did photos there too. Have burnt CDs, provided references and generally I think been good to others. And in poetic karma harking back to my recalcitrant kid-hood, I seem to do a lot of washing up these days for other peeps. I even put the dishwasher on today at work!

28. Get an address book and keep track of friends/family contact details and birthdays. Adult-hood hath started!

29. Apply to become a foster carer. Geez, I can't even commit to getting a cat.

30. Find out about rent-a-chook and herdshare. Researched both. Some pet-commitment type issues prevail (see #29). And what the @#$%! would I do with all that milk!?

31. Go to Sunday comedy and jazz @ the Powerhouse again. Yep.

32. Try to be more open to the possibility of meeting a single/available/adjusted boy with similar interests/values/goals. By far, the best thing I have done in a very long while :) aw!

33. Accept the journey, where ever it goes, and trust myself more. ‘Tis all you can do, right? The best things in life are a leap of faith...

34. Do one thing that's not on this list that I would normally say ‘no’ to! Short-term cohabitation upon return to Bris-vegas. Spent Christmas on my own watching the whole two series of Love My Way. Signed a lease on the spot for a place with a dodgy kitchen. Tried online dating. Tried offline dating. Declared both to the cyber-verse. Took a very big punt. And finally understood how to live in the greys instead of the blacks/whites.


beth said...

...and in regard to Number 22 - that happened to she-who-will-not-be-blogged recently and she was found to have crap iron and vitamin d levels... Spatone is my (sadly expensive) iron supplement of choice.

Also - life at desk will almost inevitably damp down creative juices. It sucks. I try to combat it - but it's so hard, especially as my life at desk involves writing - it squashes my impetus to do anything else but blog. *groan* I sit here and look at all these crafty blogs, who post pictures of the 'creative work spaces' every Thursday and whimper gently, wondering how/when the hell they do all the stuff they do...
/end of rant
(like your lists btw)

the cook said...

Hmm. I had borderline iron and remain hopeful of imminent beach time to pump up vitamin d. Must overcome laziness though and get thee back to the Red Cross.

Yeah I could rant endlessly about the creative death that desk wreaks. In fact that's sort of what I mostly blog about! Hmm. Oh. Thanks :)

austin said...

Um you forgot to mention 21 a) Get up from behind desk and partake in living, breathing Pelican Two Bays project for one month in Jan 2010! Who knows might be the last of it's kind, like jumping on a dinosaur's back. Natx

austin said...

oh and I will email my address. x