18 November 2009

another list, the resort of the overworked stressed-out deskhound

Getting on the blog theme bandwagon since life moves quickly (or faster than I seem to have capacity to blog) and any creative energy I had is pretty much sapped by day's end. And I do love a good list.

Musculoskeletal therapy and cupping. Out of dire desperation after about six weeks of intractable (even with physio) lower back pain I had THE BEST massage last weekend. Cupping? I cocked an eyebrow at the "musculoskeletal therapist" but agreed to give it a go. A three thousand year old Chinese therapy made current by Gwyneth, 15 minutes is supposedly on par with three hours of remedial massage. My back has not felt so normal in a long time. Unfortunately this normalcy lasted about two days. Hmmph. And now Kaja (the "musculoskeletal therapist") is climbing Mt Everest. Of course.

The kind of tax return refund you get for not working a full year. Yeah!

Work is suddenly busy, after months of gouging my eyeballs out for entertainment. Am working on a sexy secret squirrel social inclusion / welfare reform policy project, a mandate straight from Anna's desk. Finally, some actual social policy work! Unfortunately it's been particuarly subject to political whims and now has some pretty squirmy timeframes on it, resulting in missed lunch breaks etc.

Subtropical electrical storms. One of the nicer things about summer in this part of the world. Oh, and the most exquisite local manzanella olives. And a new vintage sundress (without the pricetag which now goes along with vintage garb).

Looking forward to at least ten days off work over xmas and chilling out at Bingi with the relics. 

Coming up to about six weeks continuous lower back frustrations - see Hot. Hurts to sit. (Even after the heavenly massage, and even on my gymball.) At informal work meetings I stand. Long ago I changed my seat at the desk for a knee stool... unfortunately work is still a... pain in the arse!

My lame double entendres.

Saying no to January sailing on Pelican. Fun work. Paid work. I must be crazy. But this is my trade off for holiday-hoarding in anticipation of the can't-stand-desk-anymore (or at least can't sit at one) leap into the land of no reliable income. Bring. It. On.

And. I'm not sure which part of the list this belongs in, but last week was the one year anniversary of my return to Bris-vegas.


Anonymous said...

A double entendre does not really work unless its lame, in my books anyway...
Chele x

austin said...

Yes, you must be crazy. Garry told me about your decision and I can't think of any other reason. It will be the best Two Bays ever!! And knowing us might be the last. Strangely I interviewed a young woman for your position who has just completed an enviro science degree, apparently cooks really well and looks just like you! Even Aurora couldn't get over the resemblance. The universe provides? Natx

austin said...

PS And I don't mean to suggest that she could ever fill your shoes. Just look a little like you....

Danielle said...

Massage and pilates (reformer) has revolutionised my back pain...from barely being able to walk for more than 10 mins I can touch my toes and generally find myself pain free. So I would recommend one-on-one pilates - it worked for me.

the cook said...

Nat... Yes, the longer I stay at desk the crazier I become! Um. I have wrestled with this one for ages. Eek! Will talk soon. Glad though to hear you've found a possible someome. I'm sure it will be the best ever... but surely not the last? x

Danielle... thanks for the pilates tip. I have successfully managed my back issues with pilates, til recently. Unfort I have fallen off the wagon... just need to apply myself a little harder to getting back on it :)