02 December 2009

hot and not wednesday

It's still Wednesday in Queensland...


Five days beachside in central NSW. Throw in a wedding, dancing, swimming... and float away on a daydream of getting out of Brisvegas. 

Using the new Creative Space (aka the spare room) to make a driftwood/riverstone/paua shell mobile which now adorns the entrance. Ta-da!

Cohabitation has brought access to a cordless drill with many-sized drillbits for craft activities (see above). And probably power tools I haven't even dreamed of yet. And don't get me started about having my own web solutions maestro / help-desk in the next room. Oh I could rave...

The third bedroom/storage shed/second pantry (aka Alice the bus). Now parked over the road. Running out of pepper as dinner is served has never been such an easy fix.

K's choir has a CD out!

15 working days until xmas break. And hanging out at Bingi. Think I might create some sort of advent calendar in my Outlook. The count-down will be punctuated by work xmas parties. Which actually promise to be ... fun!

Leave loading. And a core agreement increase, backpaid to August, due any day... woo! Handy, since I've dog-eared some xmas wishes. Oh. And an appointment with the dentist, including multiple x-rays, which cost me $13. $13! Tallying the cost of items in my 'free' care pack, I think I actually walked out ahead! My first ever 'yeah!' for private health insurance! And a clean bill of health, with two remaining wisdom teeth declared fine to stay.


Brain-fry. Courtesy being up to my eyeballs in policy quandries and deadlines on the secret squirrel welfare reform project which Anna is now earmarking as the centrepiece of Queensland's social inclusion agenda. Despite Kevin having virtually gazumped it. Eek!

Missed lunch breaks, emails, life etc (see above).

Federal politics... sheesh! 

Back irks are ongoing. However I have given up my Amish ways and am experiencing the revelation of Nurofen. Sitting at desk with minimal discomfort - the joy! Walking up hills without pain... hallelujah!

Summer hit about two weeks early. Hot. Wind-less. Blah. The first of many cold showers of the season.


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beth said...

The link to the choir...mmmm - those harmonies broke my heart! And I am also dwelling on an excuse to acquire that lamp...

Redness said...

Your hots are that ... your nots too and as for politics ... bahhumbug in NSW. Great post ;)

the cook said...

Thanks B. I think K was rather stoked at your response. Think I'll be buying the choir's cd for xmas pressies!

Thanks Redness! Bah-humbug indeed... a strange week in politics all-round. Perhaps the full moon?!

Anonymous said...

Finding that your health insurance is actually helping you would definatley be HOT!
Your wisdom teeth not having to be taken out also VERY HOT!! Phew
Chele x

the cook said...

Hi Chele - yes, they were two quite significant 'hots'! Particularly as I'd been told for several years the wisdom teetch had to go. For once, my procrastination has paid off!! :)