01 April 2011

the bunyip

Though we've become expert keepers of the secret, it's bloody hard when everyone is having babies.

Yep, we are growing ourselves a little bunyip!! I am nearly 15 weeks!

It's been hard to believe it's real, considering my general wellness. Though the exhaustion, ravenous hunger, sore boobs, canine sense of smell and cravings for orange juice (and a nausea-induced pie and chips binge) are giveaways. Oh and the small bump which I can now tell is not just gas and bloating. Which has swallowed my waist and half my wardrobe along with it.

It all became a bit more real at the 12 week scan. According to the scan lady, our bunyip's a 'sleeper'... it had its head buried in the placenta and would not budge,
despite her furious prodding. Not even after the doctor was called in and made me do star jumps in an untied gown! It dug it's heels in (like someone I know) and showed the camera its little bum (that one's from the father's side - not kidding).

According to the genetic counsellor at the scan place (Betsy Peach - how cool is that name? - perfect for a fast-talker with a thick Yankee accent), I have the lowest risk rating possible for chromosomal abnormalities. According to Betsy's computer's calculations, my risk rating (slightly elevated to start with because of my age) based on the scan and blood test is on par with that of a 15 year old! Woot!!

Am also feeling pretty chuffed that I've kept up walking to and from work every day: an hour all up, and getting longer (in duration not distance!). Though the walks home are becoming harder, mostly because of the hills and because I'm totally exhausto at end of day. Lucky for me, K walks in to meet me and pushes me up the hills while administering back rubs. :)

I got a second sneaky look at the bunyip yesterday at an echocardiography appointment (for a 'flow murmur' which is apparently a harmless and pretty common thing in pregnancy) - and it was waving its arms and legs and rolling all around! So maybe not a sleeper.

Well, this'll test if anyone's still reading this thing!

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little earth stories said...

Oh and by the way, not an April Fools!

NK said...

Congratulations ! What exciting news. xo

Beth said...

Yes !!! Hugely thrilled!! Big congratulations to you both! I had that murmur thing too...
Btw, Baby on Board by Howard Chiltern is excellent and low on unrealistic stupidity. And that's my last bit of unsolicited advice! Star jumping in untied gown!? Love it!

little earth stories said...

Thank you both!!

Beth - have since discovered another friend also had the murmur. Thanks for the book tip - always happy to take unsolicited advice about sources of good advice!!

Male Relic said...

Sends his love to all three!

Female Relic said...

Where are your friends when you want them to see your good news? Perhaps you'll have to f'b after all!!

My love to you ALL too sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

happy to hear it is at last official very pleased for you both and smooth sailing for all three from another old relic

little earth stories said...

Thank you to the three relics! x