20 October 2013


Lost in observation - and good times - at the playground

Well with settling on our new house and mortgage (yelp!), moving house across the sea, antenatal appointments, work, and now, the start of solo toddlering, it looks like 41 will be the third week in 52 without a portrait.

Luckily 42 makes up for it. In my books, anyway. Grainy and scratchy as it is. Another (indulgent) diptych.

This is one beautiful kid, growing up in leaps and bounds, every single day.

He looks so much older since our move to the city.

And transitions aside, he has been so very moody lately - mostly reserved for his parents - that it has felt like living with a teenager. 

Is that just a two-year-old thing?

Joining in with Jodi.

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Mietta said...

Those sea green/blue eyes!!! Gorgeous!!! What a beautiful boy he is : )