19 January 2014


A clean baby sleeping in - perfection

The mood of our days seems to be - dare I write this - levelling out.

Tantrums are still there, and epic, but we're dealing with them better, and the mood is quite improved.

We’ve gone from days of refusing to get out of pyjamas, bathe or eat, to eating voraciously, bathing – under the hose while I water the garden – and sleeping better.

He's become a little rhyme master, mostly incomprehensible to those that don’t know him because his words are all made up, by him.

A favourite pretend game is to ask me to be an animal who is sad, so he can wrap me in hugs.

And we've been enjoying the most delicious morning snuggles.

Savouring this time with him, before it's all about to change.

Joining in with Jodi.

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Kate said...

Beautiful Sam. Our crazy times are evening out a little too, thanks to quieter days and me making sure L has a sleep every day! She's a happier kid for it. Hope to see you soon. x