06 September 2014

six months

The weeks are ticking by at warp speed. So much faster the second time around. I realised that I can barely remember your brother at six months, though on inspection, he had no hair!

My chilled little fellow, you've found your voice! You're all squeals and giggles and fake laughs, though somehow you still manage to be the quieter one.

Enthralled with and overwhelmed by your brother, who smooshes all over you with love. He's the one who makes you giggle the most.

You can wiggle around on the ground, and although you have rolled, you'd rather just get around by wiggling.

Teething is making you quite miserable and in constant need of cuddles.

In fact, up until teething stole our sleep, you slept better than I'd imagined possible. Always open to the suggestion of sleep, and once down for the night, just slept, waking once, twice, perhaps three times to feed.

Your happy place is in my or Daddy's arms.

You've got sand between your toes and are usually lulled to sleep when we walk on the shore in the late afternoon.
You ate your first food, egg yolk. No great excitement, just like you'd been eating forever. Though after a couple of tries, it is suddenly making you quite ill, so we'll stick to fruit and veg for now.
And, I am amazed thrilled flabbergasted to say, you are exclusively breastfed, despite a little supplementation earlier on. After about three months, we've had no need to supplement! You are letting me know that I’m meeting all your needs for milk. I've ditched the SNS. And being on the 50th percentile for weight is just absolutely amazing. This one thing is a miracle, a blessing and a relief.
Oh my happy, giggly, double-dimpled boy (two on each cheek!). You have filled our hearts to bursting, Aubrey Finn.

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dear olive said...

Goodness he is SO divine. Kellie xx