15 March 2015


Ellery: singing me the cheeky monkey song
Aubrey: slumbering delight (with paws)

Three and a half: the meltdowns, the defiance, the wanton moods, the middle of the night wakefulness, the questions about everything, the undoing the thing you just did so he can redo it, the excitement about life, the bookish-ness. 

One: the raspberries (ohmygoodness he blows a mean fart on my shoulder!), the coy smile, the singsong call of 'Dad-dah', the climbing everything, the seat-bopping, the offering up the floor crud that just went in his mouth, the hand clenching to indicate want, the screaming frustration when he doesn't get his way, the absolute disinterest in books. 


Benedicte said...

Hello! I love both pictures. I love how the flowers add even more sweetness to these precious nap moments. Do you really live in a remote lighthouse?? This sounds so romantic even though I can imagine some loneliness some times, it must be magical for you and your children, connecting to what's real. xx Benedicte

Jessica G. said...

I always fall hard for pictures of sleeping babies. Too sweet. I'm visiting from the link up at Practisting Simplicity.