28 June 2015


Ellery: our original Storm Boy
Aubrey: spotting 'tweet tweets'

Ellery, you are energy itself. An amazing composition of a boy. Loud and wild and dramatic, and also prone to quiet, thoughtful bookishness. You're full of spellbinding wordsmith-ery far beyond your (almost four!) years. Highly resistant to change, you shun affection and yet crave it, it soothes you. You're becoming so long and lean. You've recently learned to skip, and you've almost got whistling down. It's your last month of being three.

Aubrey, you are such a sweet, sweet child. You kiss and cuddle your teddies, animals in books, and us. You insist on rounds upon rounds of kisses when saying goodbye. Your dimpled smiles and cheeky looks melt us all. You are mad for pretend drives in Daddy's ranger car, real drives in Daddy's tractor, dinosaurs, birds and balls. And you've started to sit still for books!

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