28 August 2008

score one, the regions

Last night the relics shouted me to dinner and a movie. Which on its own would be notable, given the extreme notability of any type of cultural excursion I make these days.

But this occasion belongs in the realm of Wonderful.

By some bizarre act of mercy, Son of a Lion came, for one night, to Yarram’s Regent Theatre. Which despite its potential arthouse allure (balcony seating, pressed metal ceilings, Bud Tingwell photographs on the walls) generally only shows crap.

Not only is Son of a Lion not crap, it is a beautiful story with stellar acting, gorgeous one-liners and a brilliant soundtrack. (And the story of its making by an Aussie paramedic is facscinating.)

That this subtitled flick featuring jellaba-wearing Pashtuns shooting guns and praying to Allah in Al Qaeda country screened the day before it’s national release, in the land of dairy farms where ‘F OFF, WE'RE FULL’ bumper stickers prove your manliness, was unfathomable.


I am further impressed to be able to label this post 'bingi' AND 'movies' (who woulda thought?)... and possibly creating a new category for my recent favourite list discovery: Stuff White People Like. (Think sushi, indie music and threatening to move to Canada/New Zealand.) I don't think there's a post yet for Middle Eastern Tribal Culture!


Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Saw your little bit in the latest Dumbo Feather last weekend (actually this is the first time I've bought it, even though I've been meaning to for ages). Nearly fell orf my chair when I saw your name in there - yay for you!!! :-)
Hope all goes well in Cairns - it's starting to get that icky summer feeling in the air up here in Brissy and I'm dreaming of Melbourne.....we're never satisfied are we?? Have fun on the Pelican - are you going to take your knitting with you?? ;-)

the cook said...

Thanks :) I'll have a couple of pieces in the next DF too!

Icky? ICKY? I would kill for icky. Wanna swap?

Logic says I prob shoudn't bring mohair (new beanie project - I finished the scarf!) to the tropics on a boat ... but I will be, because I find myself kind of addicted!

Hope the new living arrangements are going well. I will have to get your email address... I think I had it once and lost it!