04 September 2008


(pro-ROHG) verb tr.: 1. To discontinue a session of something, for example, a parliament. 2. To defer or to postpone.

Sometimes new words come along at just the right time.

Spring has sprung and we are into our second week of continuous sunshine! Those of you living beyond the reach of proper winter will probably not understand my unfettered crazy-woman bliss. Suffice to say, it is like falling into a very deep mire of fetid baby-poo-like sludge while you’re sleeping and wondering, when you wake up, why everything is suddenly rank and it’s difficult to move without clenching inwardly against the tide of crap… until five months* later you’re miraculously hauled out of the baby-poo-like sludge, whisked to a day spa and washed, pummelled and spruced back to life, whereupon robed courtiers who look very much like Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords escort you to a candy-striped sunchair where a glass of bubbles awaits your pleasure as wardrobe, hair and nail attendants get to work on further sprucing.

Well, it is very much like this. Of course it isn't actually this. That would be stupid. Or very amazing.

But back to my main reason for posting. Tomorrow I leave the country. (Not Australia, Gippsland, aka the country. Ha!) For Cape York, via Cooktown, via Cairns, via Melbourne, via bus, train, J's place, train, skybus, plane, car, boat, etc.

I can almost smell the salt air! Yippee! does not even come close. Business as usual (winter, under-employment, everything in my life that doubles for baby-poo-like sludge, etc) is hereby prorogued for a month.

Spring has also returned my kitchen mojo, courtesy a genius creation of barley, mushroom and mozzarella burgers. Which are so meaty that I’m toying with getting the kids (the ones I’ll be working with, who only eat meat – and then only the lips-n-a$$holes kind) to make and eat!

Hehehehe. I am pure evil.


*because that is how long a real winter lasts.


Jodie said...

Winter, just 5 months? I would bet a bottle of red that it's longer... I think you think that something in the later part of the teens (16-19 degrees) is not winter. I beg to differ. Where we're from cuz, things were different... things were warmer. Stop acclimatising.


by the way, can I please have your mushroom/barley/cheese thingy recipe? Sounds delish. Ta


the cook said...

That's a bet I don't think I'd enter into because I suspect you're right... these southern winters extend right up to the first 30+ degree days. Speaking of 30+ degree days... I'm sitting on the boat in a singlet and shorts! Will pass on the barley balls recipe once I've tweaked it to resolve the cohesion issue (perhaps it should just be a 'bake' and crumble in a dish to its heart's content?).

Mark said...

Awesome. Back to the boat. Taste some salty night air for me.


the cook said...

Tasting salt 24-7!