22 October 2008



I'm having a minor freak out. [Cue golf-ball sized hailstorm - really.]

Last week, after about 14 months leave, my work asked me for my decision: return or resign. An 11th hour thought about long service leave has thrown me into the guts of a stinkng I-wish-I'd-never-asked type dilemma. If I return to work for one more year, I will get about 12 weeks paid leave. Which is a lot. At least from where I sit in under-employed povertysville.

It is very freaking tempting. I could squirrel my ass off and actually realistically be able to afford some land. Which is Step One of the oft-alluded to Grande Planne (something along the lines of the Hobbit House but somewhere sunny and with permaculture gardens and chickens and a boat).

And. AND. I could potentially negotiate extra leave to continue sailing type adventures. But I would pretty much have to return to work… NOW. I'm seeing my tax guru on Friday, which could also influence my decision. But of course I need to let work know... TODAY since there was a stuff up with the dates.

Just when I thought I'd made my decision, along comes this dastardly little carrot.

GAH! Help! All you non-commenters, speak up now or forever hold your peace. I need some advice. Lest it be curtains for Life After Desk. Gracias.


N said...

DO NOT be tempted by the LSL alone. It must be worth the year to earn it. Would you pay that same amount to NOT have to work at that job for a year again?

Money or the Gun?

My 2c... In lieu of other definable plans right now, do it. Be Squirrel and be busy. Think of it as a year long 'orrible contract for $x at the end of it all. In the meantime all the planning / exploring / defining and positioning of 'grande planne(s)' into reality continues with abandon for there be THE DEADLINE when outathere MUST MUST MUST happen.

If the going really gets tough, toss a coin exactly once and trust it.

Then again, Tibet, India, WA are all fun too and can lead to their own interesting paths! Bugger, that didn't help at all did it.

xx N

the cook said...

N - thanks for the advice and for not making me feel like a piker if I do go back! It's not just the LSL that's tempting, it's the $... I could double my savings and get approval on a loan. Am also motivated by 21K fed grant for new constructions begun by June 09. No way would I be tempted to stay beyond a year... after all there's too much travel ... not to mention housebuilding to do! x :)

beth said...

Am late. Dunno what you decided. But man, that carrot. If you headed back to the desk, I would not wonder for a minute. i suppose you may be hit by a bus, or a meteorite during a desk year and your last thought might be 'bugger'. but then you could be done over by a stingray through the ribs... so...

I would be super tempted to do the year, where you're already all set up, and use the time to plot your ascent...just my small trailer thoughts...

the cook said...

Hey B, thanks for that, you're not late... it's government, it'll take at least a fortnight or more to sort ou (probably the wrong attitude to return with, i know). Meteorites and stingrays aside, it is a mighty big carrot. I think I am going to fall on my sword and go back.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed, facebooked and otherwise offered advice about this - its much appreciated :) Funnily, everyone has said the same thing: take the carrot.

Estelle said...

Hi sam---I just read your blog!! I was just starting to write an email to see how you where- then realised I could read your blog and maybe find out....Im having an unusualy quiet sunday where I dont mind waiting for dial up. Note Ive already dropped out x 2, what persistence! So you got a work cunundrem?! mmm sounds difficult--and very tempting to take...ohhh the twoing and throwing of it all. My gut reaction was 'take it'. N & B are right you can use the time to read up, plot, plan, 'Planne granndo' and hey you need the bucks to make it happen!! And ahhum then you get LSL and can go Tibet/India. But then the devil in me says...you dont know what other offer is round the corner!!! But really i think this idea supports you 'big picture' plan. And what the hell Brisbane still sounds exotic from down here. I hope thats not too long for a reply--Im not too educated at blogs/replies. Deckhand, E

the cook said...

Hey Stel... Thanks for your support and persisting with the dial-up! It's a done deal now... and you can visit me in Brissie anytime! xox