08 March 2009

the black russians

Got to love a tomato that sounds like the Soviet mob. I remember growing tomatoes in plastic garbage bins when I was a long-haired, bare-footed little person. Actually I should say I remember making dirt tunnels in plastic garbage bins while one of the not-then-relics planted tomatoes in the not-yet-tunneled garbage bin. Anyway, my black russians, which I have nurtured from seedlings (thanks Dad), through a three-state, three-day road trip and three Brisbane addresses, are about to deliver their lycopene goodliness!


I have looked after these little grommets like a mother-in-training, hauling myself out every night during a swampy Brisbane summer, shagged from work, to water them by bucket. I've hauled them round in my car from house-stay to house-sit to housebound-bliss. Frankly I've never invested so much grunt into a plant before. Well actually that's a lie... but I am not going to flaunt my criminal past here. Anyway, today I made three loaves of sourdough and am thinking the russians will go nicely with that, a little olive oil and some of the purple basil that I have unbelievably managed to sprout from seed and which is now growing like medusa on speed in my little potted garden. A perfect, if hard-won, home made lunch.


Muv-ver said...

Sounds like a Russian mafia mob, no? Hope they tasted better than ours which were quite disappointing - probably the hellish weather took its toll. You were right, hadn't looked in here (to "les") since the end of Feb so have now caught up.
Congratulations on all your produce. I yearn for the bread but am too lazy...besides, you have the recipe book!

the cook said...

Yep me too, am about to pick the first un so will let you know.

Re the bread: you're not lazy, your priorities are just in the garden! (Let me know if you want the recipe!)

Bev said...

Hi Sam, friend of the relics here. Are you sure they're Black Russians? Totally different to mine which were quite round and chocolate-brown.

Have just emailed the younger relic to ask where the older relic got his seed from.

the cook said...

Hi Bev - good question! I'm not sure at all, I was just taking the word of elder relic. Maybe purple russian? Same shape: http://www.tomatogrowers.com/black.htm

I'm on a search now to find out what they are!!

BTW, very impressed with your haul of tomato varieties back in Jan! Now know where to come for food growing advice!

PS Muv-ver, they are very tasty so perhaps yours were indeed heat affected?

Bev said...

Aha, they look more like it. Methinks the elder relic has got his Russians mixed.

I haven't grown Purples, but the Blacks are very tasty.

Danielle said...

So Jealous! My lycopene delivery systems turned their toes up and died in Melbourne's 40+ degree roasting.

However I have members of the Brassica family sprouting from seed so all is not lost - yay for autumn sowing vegies.


Muv-ver said...

Wow = what a lot of comment this topic garnered. BTW Sam, the "Black Russians" came from Alison as seedlings but don't know yet where she got them, will ask.
And yes, I'll have the bread recipe please.

the cook said...

@B... these are also tasty. They are more reddy-green than purple though the shape matches the purples.

@D... brassicas! yum! winter soups! Hope they fare better than your lycopene delivery systems!

@M... will wait for A's advice. Recipe on its way...